Yoga and Meditation Reconnect me to my Creativity

The systems of this world seem as if they are designed to sap the joy right out of you. Instead of following our dreams we often place them on the proverbial shelves of life to gather dust and they are never to be heard from again.

Through the flow of yoga and the the stillness of meditation you can once again connect to your creativity. Being free of pain, if even for a moment or by developing coping mechanisms for worry and anxiety through a meditation practice, you are able to connect quickly and deeply to your creative self.

The process of creativity allows you to follow an inspiration to it’s desired end.

In no time, you will be writing again, singing again and dancing again- or for the very first time. If you have never considered yourself to be creative, a regular movement or meditation practice can help you see where you are a powerful creator and how best you create. Remember, creativity is not limited to artistic expression.

Kimberly Campbell