Reconnect, Re-balance, and Rebuild!

If you have ever had an opportunity to sit down with a man or woman who has proudly earned the streaks of gray in their hair and story lines on their face you will inevitably learn although referenced as three separate parts, our minds, bodies, and souls create a precarious imbalance in our lives when not fully integrated. 

Since the integration of the three is indicative of a healthy state of homeostasis, the fuel chosen for one will have a dramatic impact on the other two.  I learned this beautiful lesson nearly eight years ago.  Having been a very healthy child and adult, only having had the flu one time in my life, close family and friend often heard me say, “I don’t do sick.”  I had no idea how that statement of faith would later save my life as it became my rallying cry to fight for my life. 

Years later with my parents and my sister Crystal at my side, I turned to the MRI technician and said “I hope this reveals something because otherwise my family is going to think I’m crazy.  As he reviewed the images of my abdomen, I heard him say, “No ma’am, you’re definitely not crazy. 

From the time of diagnosis in February to time to my surgery date in late August of the same year the tumors grew rapidly and I looked like I was 10 months pregnant.  If that wasn't enough the largest tumor formed its own stalk and began attaching itself to my vital organs seeking additional blood supply. 

“What do you mean you are not in any pain?  This thing is trying to kill you!” the doctor responded with amazement.  “You are a walking miracle!”  When I finally had surgery, six tumors were removed.  The largest two weighed 15 and 12 pounds respectively. 

Prior to the diagnosis, I went through a very stressful period in my life and fed my mind a constant diet of worry- not my normal Kimberly personality trait.  The mental anguish impacted my soul and changed my mood and outlook. The combination of the anguish of my mind and the heaviness of my soul conspired and manifested physically. Looking back on the situation with spiritual eyes, I now know that the tumors had become physical manifestations of the mind and soul burdens I’d chosen to carry. 

The mind, body, and soul need one another to be healthy and whole. When this happens we are healthy and whole.  They were designed to operate as one.   

The experience taught me that if my body is crying out for rest, my soul is seeking nourishment, and my mind is thirsty for intellectual stimulation I am responsible for finding the quiet, sustenance, and information required to reconnect, rebalance, and rebuild . 

Kimberly Campbell