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As the fitness industry changes the definition of "fitness" daily, it is important to remember that YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made. The FitGurl Studio is a safe and fun environment for you to get to your goals and feel better in your body. No pain, no gain is a horrible way to approach life or a fitness routine.  Be kind to your body and watch it be kind to you! 

FitGurl offers a variety of Pilates mat, yoga, and meditation classes to assist you in becoming the best you possible. Whether you are beginning your movement or meditation practice or have advanced to guru enlightenment, we can meet you however you show up on the mat. Our instructors are knowledgeable and adept at assessing your needs while creating a fun, dynamic, and intimate class environment. Join us for our small group classes or private Pilates and yoga options. We look forward to working with you.


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Benefits of Movement

It is time to clean house! March 2019 is all about a mind, body, and soul cleansing. Movement has the ability to cleanse and help the body release toxins. This month’s poses support the liver and kidneys as well as other detoxifying organs. No matter the skill level of the instructor, remember you know your body better than anyone else.  Learn to trust your body emphatically


Cow Face Pose

  • Both a hip opener and a heart opener, so both will help in bringing balance in the body

  • Supports the kidneys, another major detoxifying organs

Honor your Body:

  • Limit this asana if your body presents with sciatica

  • Use a strap if you have limited range of motion in your upper spine and shoulders


Gate pose

  • This pose stretches the spine, the inter-costals and opens up space in the side body.-stimulates digestion, circulation and respiration and activates the throat, sacral, and root chakras.

  • By creating space in the abdominal cavity it allows the supporting organs in the body's detoxifying process to work better thus helping the liver work more efficiently

Honor your Body:

  • Avoid if you have knee injuries

  • Keep your head facing forward when practicing this asana if you have neck issues⠀


Eagle Pose

  • Flushes out your kidneys, circulates blood to your reproductive system

  • Encourages maximum use of the diaphragm with the shoulder movement

Honor your Body:

  • Do not practice if you are in the last trimester of pregnancy

  • If your body presents with have any knee, elbow, ankle and wrist injury, avoid this pose


Side plank Pose

  • Strengthens arms, wrists, abdomen and legs

  • Improves physical balance
    Tones and strengthens core and obliques

Honor your Body:

  • Students with serious wrist, elbow, or shoulder injuries should avoid this pose

  • Practicing this pose under the supervision and guidance of a certified yoga instructor

Inhale, and God approaches you. Hold the inhalation, and God remains with you. Exhale, and you approach God. Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.
— Tirumalai Krishnamacharya